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The Principle of Sale as per Noble Seeds is the creation of demand supported by the product development professionals. The sales team headed by the National sales manager serves the channel members recruited by the company.

The final Products are selected after three consecutive seasons trial reports which later undergoes analysis for various parameters and will be launched after the approval of the committee headed by Breeder. Market ahead and Road map are also considered for the final selection.

Considering the Current needs, all the Marketing operations are Online helping the staffs to place orders, track and generate the reports.Noble seeds organisestimely training to farmers on recent technologies & upgraded cultivation methods


Image Research and development:

Innovation being the heart of our business, our focus remains in research and development investing our major shares for R&D purposes. The standing testimony for these are our major vegetable breeding center in Bangalore, Guntur & Delhi reflecting our commitment towards the future of Indian farming and the need for broadening the scope of our research.

Noble Seeds Private Limited is recognised by the prestigious government authority (DSIR) Department of Scientific & Industrial Reasearch.

The portfolios of crops include Hot Peppers, Tomato, Watermelon, Okra, cauliflower, Cucumber and Gourds With Open pollinated crops Radish,cauliflower,Spinach,Peas and Bittergourd. 



Processing and Packaging:


“Noble Seeds Supply Chain is very much focused on our customers and our consumers, we’re passionate about quality. We want to work and improve the equity of our brands every day, and working with customers to improve our service levels is mandatory for us. Our mission is to become the best Supply Chain in the industry”.  The experienced seed technologist and engineers work as a team for the final commercial seeds. The seeds are packed with outmost care using modern machineries and experienced staffs. Our testing methods are so accurate that every single seed is tested before its dispatch to destinations.  An error free operation & Logistic methods are adapted with the help of special software applications and a systematic working methodology.  Noble Seeds believes not to compromise on quality continuing to deliver the best of the seeds at all times.

The Noble seeds works on precision and perfection taking utmost care from the the procurement of seeds to the delivery of seeds .





Commercial Seed production activity is handled by Professionally qualified and experienced staffs with a production capacity ofhandling more than 3000 metric tons  of seeds every year accelerating the growth towards 5000 MT per year. Adaptation of strong production and processing methodology has led the way as a successful seed producer in the country.

The  Production is located in  7 states stated of India with Branch offices in Karnataka and Delhi.

Noble Seeds enjoys a good customer relationship with custom production keeping the security of the seeds and business and is growing every years !