About Us

Noble stands for Uniqueness and Innovation.

People being the focus of the organization, Noble Seeds believes in training & building skills and therefore, attracts top talent looking for a strong foundation in their career. The organization enjoys highly skilled and experienced talent in the Industry. The focus is to develop manpower and train them as per the need of the day and changing times. Due to the nature of business dealing in live product, an utmost care is taken with a practical approach to farming practices, and that our team ground level working to understand weather conditions and farmers’ needs.

The Company has its Registered office in Delhi, its Headquarter & Corporate Office in Sonipat, Haryana, and a Branch office in Bangalore.

Vegetable breeding company focusing on Crops such as Hot Pepper, Tomato, Okra, Water Melon and cucurbits has made a very prominent presence throughout the country. A channel of more than 500 loyal customers has been established over the years by our Product Development and Marketing team.

The professional working culture of our team is progressing towards building Noble Seeds as the GREAT PLACE TO WORK and is creating waves among the job seekers in the industry.

The successful growth of the Company and aiming for the top five companies in the country is a true motivation for future working.